IMG_4270We tried this restaurant thanks to Tripadvisor. My friend and I were looking for a good place to eat traditional Myanmar food. It was a really nice, huge place. I think we were the only foreigners eating at that time. It’s low season. It was mostly a local place with families in tow probably celebrating something special.

No 530 81st Street, Mandalay, Myanmar

IMG_4271So from the menu, we each ordered a dish. Mine was a pork dish and hers was a chicken curry. We also ordered one appetizer and a couple of fruit shakes.

A few minutes later, they bring us all these “side dishes”.

IMG_4291IMG_4275It was a lot of food and I didn’t expect it since we only ordered 3 dishes. Most of these are vegetarian dishes. I really liked the chickpea one. The rest were okay.

IMG_4287I noticed that Myanmar dishes are either vegetarian or really oily.

IMG_4288I’m not a big fan of Myanmar food but I think it was a good experience to try it while I was there. Our bill came up to around 10,000 kiats or $10 for two people with all these food. 1