IMG_4231So when I heard my friend was going on a holiday in Thailand sometime in April. I asked her when she was coming back to Myanmar and we decided to travel together. I got my ticket with Airasia which were on sale. I was telling my cousin about this trip because I know she really wants to go to Myanmar and I was asking her if she wanted to come. The first thing she asked me was what airline am I gonna take to fly there. I said Airasia and she was like you’re taking Airasia?!? They just had that crash in January so the memory of that news is still fresh.

Despite that, it’s still almost a full flight. I don’t think there are many options. It was either Airasia or Bangkok Airways. Of course Airasia is the cheaper alternative.

IMG_4232This was my first time flying out of Don Muang airport. It’s a lot closer to the city so taxi fares were better. It’s also much smaller in scale but I was impressed that it looked really nice except when we had to go to our gate. Haha.

IMG_4234At least there was a DQ and they had this unusual mango ice cream with sticky rice. Only in Thailand.

IMG_4235The flight was less than 2 hours. It was a bit bumpy and shaky at times but It was really nice to have someone to travel with since we mostly talked the whole time. :)

IMG_4240Arrival at Mandalay airport means that there is a bus that would fetch you from the plane. There aren’t a lot of planes so they were there on standby which was good.

IMG_4241Immigration was fast since they were just processing all of us from that plane. My friend had to get her visa so I had to wait for her. We also had to get her bags which did not take a long while. They had to X ray it before we left the area which I thought was a bit unusual but that’s their way.

Mandalay airport is not too bad. It had ATM machines and also money changers.

IMG_4244There’s a free airasia shuttle bus but my friend preferred the taxi since you’d have to get one anyway from the city. Prices are usually 12,000 kiats or $12.