IMG_4193Kalpapreuk serves affordable traditional Thai food located on the 7th floor of Central World. I actually read something online mentioning this as an affordable place to get something to eat and it was close by so I figured I should try it.

I saw this cute boat themed resto near it and I had to take a picture.

IMG_4192The atmosphere is very relaxed and charming. It’s no frills. I was there before lunch so the place was still empty but people started to stream in when I was about to leave.

IMG_4194I saw on the blog that their Mango bingo was good but I thought it was just okay. I mean it wasn’t bad or anything but if you are used to the mango taste, maybe this didn’t taste anything special or out of the ordinary.


I asked the waiter what was good on the menu. He suggested the curry and I loved it. It was really, really good.

IMG_4197Of course, there’s always room for dessert. This was my first day and I terribly miss the mango with sticky rice so I ordered one. :)

IMG_4200I think my bill was less than $20 so it wasn’t too bad. After lunch, I walked around Central and saw this really cute display of air balloons.