IMG_4178I chose Citin Pratunam primarily for its location in Pratunam. I walked from the airport rail link station to the hotel which is about 2-3 blocks away if you know where you’re going. It helps that I am familiar with the area too. Just outside the hotel is a plethora of street food and also a 7-11 nearby. I stayed here twice. One night to leave my luggage and when I returned from Myanmar for a few nights.

They have two buildings. I stayed on the other building the first time which is a little bit further down the road and on the main building on the second stay. Pictured below is the lobby of the main building.


They have a free tuktuk service which takes you to the main road across Pantip Plaza. I think it may be available every hour. I only used it once.

IMG_4177I had to wait a long time to get in my room. They didn’t allow early check in which was not pleasant. It didn’t seem like they were busy at the time. Anyway, I had to come back a couple of hours after to check in. My room was okay. It was clean.


The bed was pretty comfortable.

IMG_4207The restroom was okay.

IMG_4208 IMG_4209They have cabinets and a safe.

IMG_4210There’s a desk below the TV. You can see that the hotel has seen better days but it was still okay and clean for that price point.

IMG_4215I tried the spa which was on the other building which is where I was at. I paid for an hour of Thai massage and it took them 40 minutes in total. I know because I really noticed that it wasn’t a full hour. I felt ripped off. I shouldn’t have given a tip. Haha. On my next stay, I was given a voucher for a free 30 minute foot massage, that one was good.

IMG_4217All in all, I love the location. Can’t beat that. It’s a short walk from the Pratunam market if your main purpose is shopping. The service was so-so. I mean the receptionists would give you all kind of excuses just to get you off the phone. Their internet wasn’t working maybe 75% of the time I was there and it really sucks. When I would tell them about it, they would tell me that an IT guy is coming. After 30 minutes, no one comes. Then when you call them again, they give you another excuse just to get you off the phone. It would have been better to just tell the person what’s really going on instead of telling them all these excuses. I probably won’t stay here again next time unless the price was really, really good.