IMG_4170The train from Suvarnabhumi International Airport hands down is the cheapest way to get into the city. It costs 40 Baht to get to the last stop. That’s $1.50 or 60 pesos. The station is located on the lower floor of the airport. You can’t miss it, the signs are everywhere.

You need to have cash to get a token on one of these machines. They have the English language menu which is self explanatory. You just choose your stop and how many you need, it tells you how much you need to pay.

IMG_4168You just tap your token into one of these gates and enter. At the exit of the station, that’s where you have to put it in the machine. So you hold on to it until you reach your destination.

IMG_4169The token looks something like this..

IMG_4171I took the train in the morning between 9-10am and it was not crowded at all.

IMG_4172I always take the train when I can since it’s the cheapest option available to get to the airport specially if you’re traveling solo. Otherwise, it would be at least a 400 Baht Taxi ride compared to the 40 Baht train ride. :)7