IMG_2869I was dreading to book a place in Tokyo since I know it would cost a bit more than other places in Japan. Our accommodations on this trip have been relatively the same on budget – 3000 pesos a night for a triple room. So, 1000 pesos budget per person. I was looking for something around this price range and I was glad I found one on airbnb. I also got a discount since I signed up for a new account and this is actually my first experience booking on airbnb. I inquired about a few places. I also showed my cousin the places I was looking at and coincidentally, she has stayed at one of the place a specific property manager was managing so we went with that one.

She met us at Harajuku Station at the Takeshita street exit. We waited for her for about 15 minutes before she showed up. I’m glad my cousin already knew what she looked like since we have no way of contacting her. Anyway, we walked about 10-15 minutes to reach our rental. We were staying on the first floor of this building.

IMG_2868Our room had two double beds so it was comfortable enough for 3 people. The room is relatively large. Didn’t have a TV but we didn’t really need that. As with most rentals in Japan, it comes with a portable wifi which comes pretty handy. Excuse our messy room.


The other side of the room is the closet and also the balcony.

IMG_2848It is a one bedroom apartment so there’s a really tiny hallway as you enter the main door and the kitchen is on the left. Good for drinks and brushing the teeth. We didn’t really cook but if you wanted to, you can.

IMG_2849The bathroom is on the opposite side. There’s the toilet on a separate room but it’s pretty basic and really cold at winter. None of that high tech seat warmer toilets.

IMG_2852The bath is also on a separate room. The light was broken in the bathroom. We told Akemi the manager about it. We stayed 3 nights and it was only fixed the day we were leaving so that is probably my only complaint about this place. They have really good shampoo, conditioner, body wash, facial soap should you need one.

IMG_2851There’s also a washer which is very basic. We actually used this a few times since there is soap anyway. We just laundered our dirty clothes at night so and hanged them at the balcony so I don’t have to do it at home. Haha.

IMG_2853This was our view from the balcony. :)

IMG_2866So this airbnb experience was pretty painless and really good. I love the value for money and it is relatively close to everything. It’s far from a short stroll because it takes at least 15 minutes to get here but we loved the value for money that this place offers. :)