IMG_2459We love the old brick buildings at the Museum and in the area. It’s a fun place to go since the Sapporo Beer is now well-known world wide. It is the only Beer Museum in Japan.

Here’s some useful information from their website:

Free admission
Enjoy the Taste of Sapporo products after the tour (Paid tasting only)
10:30a.m. – 6:30p.m. (Entrance until 6:00p.m.)
Mondays (Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday) , New Years holiday period.
*Please note that the museum may close on other days due to special Circumstances such as facility maintenance.
For reservations and further information,
please call at +81-11-741-1876
When you want to make a reservation, please specify the date, time and number of people.
Groups of 10 or more visitors must make a prior reservation.
Transport Information
Kita 7-Jo Higashi 9-chome Higashi-ku, Sapporo
Bus stop “Sapporo beer en” on the Factory Lane[Loop No.88]starting at the bus stop “Sapporo-eki-mae” at the South gate of Sapporo station on the JR-Line. (About 15 minutes ride)
Bus stop “Sapporo beer en-mae”on [East No.63] line, starting at the bus stop “Sapporo-eki-kita-guchi” at the North gate of Sapporo Station on the JR-Line.(About 10 minutes ride)
Bus stop “Sapporo beer en”on[Ario No.188]line starting at the bus stop “Bus center”.(About 10 minutes ride)
Subway station, “Higashi-kuyakusho” , on Touhou-Line.(About 10 minutes walk from the station)

Getting there is a bit tricky. We went by train to Sapporo Station and it was hard finding the bus stop at the South Gate. We had to ask a few times. The bus stop is outdoors so it’s further down like you just keep walking until you’re at the end. We went with Bus 188. It didn’t seem like the buses were often as there was already a line for the bus when we were there. It’s also hard to miss the Sapporo Beer Museum stop. I think most people stop there or maybe it’s the last stop.

IMG_2444We saw the sign Sapporo Garden Park. It is called that since it houses not only the Beer Museum but also restaurants in the area.

IMG_2445Across from the Beer Museum is this classy restaurant with the big copper brewery thing rising from the ground.

IMG_2458The Sapporo Beer Museum would be the first building on the left from the sign and the bus stop.

IMG_2449 IMG_2459 IMG_2467As you enter, you would see seating and lockers immediately.

IMG_2469At the reception, they would give you information. Also, you have to go up the elevator on the 3rd floor to start your own museum tour on your own. I’m not sure if they do tours at certain times or you have to make reservations. We were there late anyway.

IMG_2470It basically is a display of how the company started and information about it.

IMG_2474Down on the second floor, we see this logo of Sapporo Beer star on a wall which is a great photo op. :)

IMG_2491Also loved this display of vintage posters on the same floor.

IMG_2492Down on the first floor or the main level is where you can sample the beer. There’s also a souvenir store on this floor.

IMG_2506Honestly, we went out to check the restaurants. We were really interested in the Genghis Khan restaurant so we went to the information center to ask about it. They ask if you have reservations and they gave us a menu and price list. It was expensive for our price range so we decided to ditch it and just go sample the beers. So, we went back to the museum.

Since it’s Japan, they naturally have it vending machine style. They also have the display of the kind of beverage you could expect on the right.


The beers are 200 a yen a glass. The beer sampler with 3 beers is 500 yen. The sodas are 100 yen. They also give you a snack with it. For the beers, you can either choose cracker or cheese. For the soda, there’s chocolate or cracker.

This is the orange soda.. Didn’t really taste special but at least you have that option if you don’t drink beer.

IMG_2507This is the glass of the Black Label Beer..

IMG_2509These are the snacks..

IMG_2510This is the sampler. I love how it was presented.

IMG_2511There are plenty of seating in the area. It feels like it’s an old world German pub, not that I’ve been to one yet. I just imagine it would maybe look like this. Haha.