IMG_2372Maruyama Park is such a beautiful tree lined park especially in winter. We actually stumbled upon this park accidentally. We were originally wanting to go to the Hokkaido Shrine but we went on the wrong station. The man that was at the booth told us to go to the previous station which was the Maruyama-Koen Station on the Tozai Line.

It is the same station as the Maruyama Zoo so you can see the exit designed with animals all over.

IMG_2367At the exit, we walked a few minutes down the road and we saw Maruyama Park.

IMG_2369It is such a pretty park. It’s filled with snow. It was said to be modeled after the park with the same name in Kyoto. The park is home to the Hokkaido Shrine, the Maruyama Zoo, the Maruyama Baseball Stadium, and the Maruyama Athletics Stadium so you can see all those in this location.

We enjoyed playing with snow while we were there and also watch these kids sled on a small hill. If only we could borrow a sled or a tube. :P