IMG_2315From Nijo Market, we made our way back to Odori Park. Snapped a few pictures of the TV Tower and just walked along the park. The time we were there was a week before the Sapporo Snow Festival and we can see the place getting busy with the ice sculptures.

IMG_2320I’m not sure what they will do with this one but the constructions were massive. They had scaffolding after scaffolding. The snow covered bikes are just adorable.

IMG_2323This particular one had the Star Wars theme going..

IMG_2324You can see from the side how tall it is by the scaffolding. Most of the men working on it were wearing military uniforms.

IMG_2327IMG_2330After roaming around, we decided to head to the Clock Tower. I read on the internet that it is the most overrated Sapporo sight. I must admit that it’s true. I found it to be a simple building with nothing really special. We wasted a good hour going around in circles trying to locate it. I’m not sure what’s inside since you have to pay to get in and we didn’t really bother.