IMG_2290Nijo market is an open market located in Sapporo. The shops are open everyday from 7am to 6pm. At the time we were there, we saw a lot of Chinese tourists buying crabs in boxes. Just look how big they are.

IMG_2285Since the whole day was planned to go around Sapporo. We purchased the day pass which includes unlimited subway and bus rides for 1000 yen. Nijo Market is located about a few blocks from Odori Park and the TV Tower so we decided to start our day there. We exited at Odori Station and made our way from there.

IMG_2298IMG_2291It’s not a big market so we walked around the whole thing in under 20 minutes. The crabs are no joke.


There are restaurants peppered around the stalls. We almost ate at this one but decided against it.

IMG_2299We went to Donbuir-chaya instead. It’s located inside the market.

IMG_2296 We looked at their menu outside and we saw something we liked so we decided to go with this one. IMG_2295The place is bigger compared to other stalls in the market. The service was polite and quick.

IMG_2304I ordered the crab donburi which is one of the two items on the menu that is cooked. It was so good.

IMG_2309My cousins both ordered the crab, salmon, scallop sashimi donburi.

IMG_2307 IMG_2306We also ordered an extra serving of grilled fish which despite it’s not so appetizing appearance was actually really tasty.

IMG_2310Our total bill came to 4,210 yen or about 1,600 pesos for 3 people. Here is the info on its location. They even have a Sapporo Airport branch but did not get to check that out.