IMG_2227Sapporo’s Ramen Alley is located in Susukino which is really close to our hotel. It was actually hard to find so we asked people about it and they pointed us at the right direction. Someone told us there were 2 ramen alleys and this is the older one.

IMG_2230It’s a small place housing 17 ramen shops. The first ramen shop we wanted to eat at was really small. It can only seat about 10 people max so we had to wait outside for someone to finish eating. While we were waiting, we decided to look at the other shops. Towards the end of the alley, we saw a bunch of Australian guys lining up at this particular ramen shop. On a closer look, you could tell with this picture.

IMG_2232Yes, we decided to go on this one instead plus it had more seating so the wait is shorter. We were hungry.

IMG_2233 IMG_2234The place is very intimate and basic. We were seated on the counter.

IMG_2236 IMG_2237And we were given a menu.

IMG_2238My cousins ordered the Miso Noodle.

IMG_2240I ordered the corn butter ramen with a side order of egg. It was a different taste from the ramen I’m used to but it was really refreshing and good.

IMG_2241They had this wall with signatures on the side with tables.

IMG_2235We had to wait for the other people to leave just so we can take this picture. For the record, Anthony Bourdain ate the crab noodles, I think.

IMG_2242On our way back, we saw a bunch of people looking up at this establishment. At first, we thought they were just waiting to get into the club but they were also taking pcictures upward so we looked up and we saw this.


We weren’t even aware that we were on the red light district until we passed by this establishment and noticed the clubs and the drunken guys. Haha.