IMG_2207Loved this place. The place looks so lively and happy. Otaru is also known to brew their beer. This is located on the warehouse side from the Otaru Canal, just around the corner. It looked like a place where locals frequent to meet up and have a drink.


IMG_2203As you enter through, you will see the mini shop on the left. You can also check the menu at the front. There are stairs on the right that leads to the second floor and restrooms.

IMG_2204IMG_2205IMG_2206This is the wonderful view from the second floor.

IMG_2208 IMG_2209 IMG_2212In hindsight, I actually wished we had a meal here. I was thinking that we would experience this anyway at Sapporo Beer Museum but their Genghis Khan meals turned to be more expensive than what we expected so we didn’t really try it. It would have been so much nicer and cozier here.