IMG_2149On our way back to the canal, we passed by this ice cream shop and decided to try the ice cream. Hokkaido is well known for its milk and yubari melons so what better way to try it than having ice cream.

IMG_2150The store had this old world retro feel. It was selling mainly ice creams and also different snacks. They had tables and chairs but I couldn’t take a picture since there was a couple there and I didn’t want to intrude. It had a fireplace too. There were stairs that actually didn’t really lead anywhere. It didn’t have a second floor.

IMG_2146This is the menu.

IMG_2144They actually had 3 flavors available which is the specialty of the area namely: plain, melon and lavender.

IMG_2145We wanted to try the Yubair Melon which are very popular for being top grade. They’re supposedly perfectly round with an exceptionally smooth rind. A portion of the stem, which is snipped with scissors, is left on top for aesthetic appeal. They’re grown in Yubari, Hokkaido. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any this time of year. They’re not in season. The lady said that these are normal melons from other parts of Japan. I’m glad she was honest. We were supposed to ge the ice cream on top of the melon but since these are not yubari melons, we just decided on ice cream and we got the half plain and half melon.

IMG_2149This is the poster that they had outside. Lavender ice cream on top of yubari melon.