IMG_2120We are big Studio Ghibli fans. We just went inside this unassuming store to just see what’s in it. At first, we thought it was already closed since it’s so quiet. It’s located on the end of Sakaimachi street. It’s just next to the clock tower near the intersection.

Imagine our glee when we see this inside.

IMG_2112It was decorated beautifully too. We went up the stairs.

IMG_2119I’ve been to the Studio Ghibli park in Tokyo and you can hardly shop in the store there since it’s so small and crowded. This store had more stuff than that and hardly anyone was there. We saw some impressive displays and when we asked about them, they said that they were already sold.

IMG_2113I was on a budget and didn’t want to really spend too much so I was looking for anything under 500 yen. My choices were either a folder or a hand towel which I really won’t use anyway. since I didn’t like them that much. I gave up buying anything but then I saw this on the counter.

IMG_2114This were 500 yen. It’s actually a surprise thing, you don’t know what you’ll get. I picked this one. I was actually torn between this or the red one but I like the print on this one better.

IMG_2115So, I got the green one. They explained the best they can that what I got is for health. I was hoping for love but I’m happy with what I got. Health is wealth. :) Plus I just slid twice in the snow just walking around Otaru so I guess it kinda knew what I needed. Haha.