IMG_2089At the Otaru Canal, we saw a girl taking surveys from tourists so we answered a few questions and then she gave us a gift for helping with the survey. The gift included a Meiji chocolate bar and a postcard of the Otaru Canal. I usually try to send a postcard to myself when the opportunity presents itself. I don’t actively look for a post office or anything like that so this had obviously presented itself.

While walking around Otaru, we saw two post offices. One on a corner from Otaru Canal to on our way to Sakaimachi Street and the other on the end of Sakaimachi street. I think the workers were kinda surprised to see us walk in. They were really kind though.

IMG_2092If you didn’t get a free postcard, you can always buy one here. I also love that they have pens and all that you need to send mail or whatever you need to send on this neat table. They even have a calculator!

IMG_2091We paid 70 yen and got our stamp at the counter. Then we wrote our address and a short message on the postcard before returning it back to the counter.