IMG_2076Rokkatei is amazing. This is the best deal we’ve had in Japan, period. The store is very unassuming from outside that’s why we walked pass it. We weren’t actually planning to go in another patisserie but since we’re already there, we decided to see it. The first floor is where all the products are diplayed. I love the custom look of their packaging. The place has that art gallery vibe.

We bought this chocolate covered strawberries and they were good. We love the print on the packaging.

IMG_2259IMG_2072As we walked around, I saw a sign (not the one pictured below) for the second floor and a cafe. It says you get a free coffee and a cream puff for only 90 yen. We were like it can’t be?!? Japan is expensive. We can’t believe that we can get a coffee and a cream puff in this beautiful place for only 90 yen or 35 pesos or $.75 cents. So we had to ask and they confirmed that it was true.

IMG_2071We headed to the second floor. The cream puffs are displayed on the refrigerator shelf. You get one, pay for it and get your coffee. They also had other products offered.

IMG_2073This is the gallery style cafe. It had counters and seats surrounding the glass walls. They also had chairs and tables at the back.

IMG_2075I love the glass walls around the center of the room so you can look down on the store. It’s kinda relaxing. I really love the design of the place. 

IMG_2074IMG_2076This is the cream puff and coffee combo. Best deal in Japan.

IMG_2078Best enjoyed people watching.. :)