IMG_2068Patessirie Kitakaro is a Japanese bakery selling different kinds of baked goods. There are actually two patessiries on this area. On the right is Pattesirie Kitakaro, the orange signs attracted us so we went into this one first even if the other one was closer, we walked pass it.

IMG_2067Can’t miss the orange sign. They had live product demo which I find is very common in Japan. It’s nice to see how things are made.

IMG_2069This store had plenty of products. They even have restrooms just in case you need to use one. I noticed that there are a lot of Chinese tour groups in this particular store buying so many things. The good thing about is that they were generous with samples so you can actually try a lot of products.

IMG_2070They are actually known for their cream puff which were displayed on a refrigerator shelf. We wanted the strawberry but it was already sold out so we settled for the plain one. I didn’t find it to be exceptional. I mean it was good. We ate it when we went back to the hotel so I’m not sure if that made a difference. We sampled a lot of products as we walked around the store and they were actually good. We were just not into buying things since we have to consider our luggage. :(