IMG_2060Le Tao is known for their cheesecakes and they are heavenly. They are the fluffiest most delicious thing ever invented. It’s not heavy at all. It feels like whipped goodness with a hint of tart and sweet to satisfy your palette but you don’t feel guilty eating it since it feels so light. They have Le Tao stores in Sapporo but they’re in Department stores unlike here in Otaru where they have stores and cafes on their own.

We just passed by this place and saw a girl giving out samples so we obliged and went in to check out the merchandise.

IMG_2057They have a separate area for the cheesecakes and the cafe serves only a couple of pastries. The thing with Le Tao is that it has its signature products so they don’t veer too much from it. Their famous cheesecake has about 4-5 variations max including double fromage and strawberry. At the cafe, they were only serving the creme bulee tart and cake along with the hot drinks.

IMG_2058This is what the cafe looks like.

IMG_2063We ordered and tried the creme brulee tart and they did heat it up to get the caramel burn before serving it.

IMG_2062And this is what it looks like. I think it was around 450 yen.

IMG_2061It was crispy and good but I was not blown away to be honest. This was good but forgettable. The cheese cake is another story. If Sapporo was our last destination on this trip, we would have hoarded a few of those glorious cheesecakes.

We saw another Le Tao store at the end of the street but it was closed.