IMG_1954I love Otaru! I think it’s one of my favorite places on this trip. With our handy map, we navigated our way to Sakaimachi Street after taking a few pictures at Otaru canal. This street is busy with shops, cafes and museums. It is about a 5 minute walk from the canal and you’ll have plenty to see.

IMG_2018It’s really fun in the winter since there are so many cute snow figures around. We passed by this souvenir shop in an old building.


We didn’t really go in but from outside, there were artsy coke bottles on display.

IMG_2020Look at these cute snow couple!

IMG_2022We saw a small canal by it where ducks were still happily swimming.

IMG_2029I love the old buildings in this area.

IMG_2032And also quaint little shops.

IMG_2033This shop had it’s resident craftswoman. Otaru is also famous for glass so you’ll find a lot of glass stores in this area.

IMG_2055A cute snowman. Around this time, they were lighting up candles for illumination at night.