IMG_1908At the Sapporo JR Station, we decided to check out the Basement Department Store where the baked goods are. We wanted something sweet. They have one section that sells Le Tao cheesecake which is famous in Hokkaido. Otaru is actually the place I would get it since they have a lot of stores there and they are probably based there. They have one store in Tokyo but that’s about it outside of Hokkaido. I love Japanese pastries in general but there’s something extra special about pastries and breads in Hokkaido, maybe it’s the milk.

IMG_1909There were also a lot of Strawberry Shortcakes on display.

IMG_1907I love that some stores have sections wherein they show how they make or design things.

IMG_1910 IMG_1913There was this really good looking Japanese salesperson at Le Tao and they’re awfully nice.

IMG_1912My cousin bought one cream puff because he wanted just to try it out. They even put it in a box with spoon and ice. That is some awesome packaging and customer service. He would have been happy if it was put in a brown paper bag.

IMG_1911We also went inside this one store where they listed their best selling breads which is very practical and smart.