IMG_1898Since we were going to Otaru on this day, we decided to have lunch around the JR Sapporo area. I have to thank my cousin for recommending this place. It is located at Stella Place on the 6th floor at JR Sapporo. It’s quite high on the Tripadvisor ranking and deservedly so. We were here at around 10ish and they open at 11am. There was already a line when we went there. You know that a place is good when locals line up for it.


IMG_1890They don’t have signs in English so this is what it looks like. The giveaway is always the line. This was the only place in the area where people line up.

IMG_1892We went to line up and the girl with a board would ask people how many there were in their group. It took us about 20-30 minutes to be seated which wasn’t too bad. The line was quite organized and fast moving. This is a poster up front of their plated sushi and the price which was very reasonable in my opinion.

IMG_1888This is what the place looks like from outside.

IMG_1889We were seated at the counter and were actually given an English menu.

IMG_1893We didn’t really bother. We just took whatever we wanted on the conveyor belt. As any sushi places, the prices go by color of the plates. I forgot to take a picture of the sign but it goes like:

Blue plate = 130 yen or about 50 pesos or $1.25
Yellow plate = 180 yen or 65 pesos or $1.75
Pink plate = 230 yen or 85 pesos or $2
Green plate = 270 yen or 100 pesos or $2.50
Red plate = 320 yen or 120 pesos or $3
Brown plate = 420 yen or 155 pesos or $4

IMG_1894The sushi chefs were very lively and accommodating. Since we don’t know any Japanese, we would just point at things if we wanted an order of that like if our seatmate’s order looked really good. You can order things. The plate and their prices are stuck on the marble counter if you can see it. It’s all in Japanese though. What I learned from Chinese classes when I was younger came in handy at times like these since I can read numbers. :P

IMG_1896Here’s a short video of the conveyor belt.

My cousins had a few of the salmon sushi.

IMG_1897Since I’m not really into raw food. I took the cooked ones which they do have. They also have desserts just in case you want something sweet. I got the egg tamago sushi.

IMG_1899And the karaage.. Haha.

IMG_1902There were a couple of Japanese girls sitting next to my cousin and we saw them order something. We asked them what it was and they said it was king crab sushi. They even helped us order one. Since it’s an expensive plate, my cousin and I just shared since there are two pieces in one plate. I’m not into raw things but this was really good. I really liked it.

IMG_1903We were full and we only ordered 4-5 plates each. We asked for our bill and you have to line up at the cashier to pay for it. That was a really good meal and I recommend it to anyone who visits Sapporo. :)