IMG_1859Apparently, Susukino is the largest entertainment area in Japan outside of Tokyo. So, it’s like second place. You can see why because the area is busy. It is packed with plenty of restaurants, bars and shops. Ramen Yokocho which is a narrow lane packed with ramen shops serving Sapporo ramen is also located in this area.

After checking in the hotel and leaving our luggage in the room, we went out to get some dinner. We went into this seemingly ordinary katsu place. It turns out that they were serving seafood katsu instead of the usual pork. This was something special since It’s unusual. Since it’s Sapporo and seafood is plenty in this parts of Japan that’s probably why they have these shops. I ordered a simple bowl of katsus over rice. We didn’t understand the menu so I was actually expecting pork. I was pleasantly surprised that it was seafood. My plate had big katsu shrimps, fish and crab cakes. I think mine was about 700 yen.

IMG_1854My cousin ordered the special since it’s the first and only picture on the cover of the menu. She had a set. Hers was pretty much the same seafood katsus but maybe there’s an additional thing I forgot about. Hers cost around 800+ yen.

IMG_1853After dinner, we just walked around the area. This is basically the landmark of Susukino. That guy holding something.

IMG_1860The red light district is also in this area actually but we never knew that until our last night when we went to ramen alley and saw some drunk guys and noticed that there are a lot of bars in that area. It was still pretty safe.

We went inside a mall close to our hotel which was basically just restaurants. The restaurants actually looked high end even this patisserie.

IMG_1857We used the restroom in this mall which looked ordinary but the sink was really nice. I wish I had one in my house or in our airport. Haha. I think this is way cool.