IMG_1852I booked APA Hotel Sapporo Susukino because of the good rates and the location. We booked a triple non-smoking room for about 3352.50 a night at the time of booking. So, that’s 1117.5 pesos per person per night or about $25. The hotel mostly caters to business men so everything is pretty straightforward. Our room didn’t come with breakfast. Check in was quick. I love the location of this hotel! It is walking distance to the liveliest area of Sapporo in my opinion. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping places around this area.

We made a mistake on locating the hotel though. We came from the subway. Apparently, there are at least 3 Apa Hotels in the area so we went to the wrong one. I’m glad that they gave us a map to navigate where we will find the correct one. On our way to our hotel, we passed by the 2nd Apa Hotel so yeah, we’ve seen all 3. :P

We had really comfortable beds.

IMG_1842The hotel is kind of on the older side but it has been maintained well. The third bed was set up by the window. We were actually at the front of the hotel facing the street but It didn’t really bother us.

IMG_1843I noticed on the elevators that on this hotel, the 2nd, 7th and 8th floors were the non-smoking level and the rest are I guess smoking. There’s a 7-11 next to the hotel which we frequent when bouts of hunger take over us. Our room was actually huge. We also had a refrigerator we didn’t use and this huge TV.

IMG_1844The restroom is one big room in itself. You enter the room facing the vanity.

IMG_1847To the right is the toilet room with the multi-functional touch button toilets.

IMG_1846On the left, is a traditional Japanese bath. It had a small bath tub and also an area to sit and shower. You can do it standing up too but it’s actually a lot comfortable to sit down.

IMG_1848The amenities at this hotel are superb and complete. They had everything. I love the toothbrushes, they’re not the flimsy kind. They also had portable hair brushes, razors, hair ties, shower caps, sponge and cotton buds. This is the most I’ve seen with amenities.

IMG_1849 The towels are cute too..

IMG_1850I love the location of this place. I cannot stress this enough. The airport bus stop is also just a 5 minute walk or 2 blocks from the hotel. I love the Susukino area especially at night. This is the place where tour buses go for shopping. There are also so many stores selling souvenirs. There is the long underground shopping area and plenty of dining options here. :)