IMG_1819We were fortunate enough to be dropped off at the JR Station in Kutchan. We almost stayed very close to this place and I don’t know if it would have been good. The place looks dead at around 2pm.

We bought our tickets to Sapporo. We had to change trains at Otaru. Our fare was about 1,700 yen and takes about 2 hours. They had a waiting area that was sparse but had a small store, some seats and toilets. We were taking our sweet time when I asked about where the train is and we had to climb up the stairs and cross the covered walkway to the other side. We didn’t know that the train was already there. Haha.

IMG_1820The train looked more like a subway cart. It had a few couple seats but most were just a long bench facing each other. There was a place at the back of the train for luggage. We sat at the senior seats since there was nowhere else to sit.

IMG_1821Hokkaido in general has an abundance of snow so if you’d like to see lots of snow, this is the place to go.

There was a town along the way that picked up a lot of passengers so it was cramped but everyone got off after 3 stops. We were rushing for our train to Sapporo at Otaru. I’m glad that we got there in time and found some seats although apart. We saw some houses along the way.

IMG_1835We also go to see the sea!

IMG_1840Also, this huge rock.

IMG_1836The ride was comfortable especially the Otaru-Sapporo leg since you have your own seat. At JR Sapporo, we just had to pay another 200 yen for the subway to Susukino. I love the JR Sapporo station, it’s so lively and busy.