IMG_1714After the bus ride and settling in, we decided to head out for dinner. We just walked from our hotel about 5 minutes and saw the intersection which is basically the center of Grand Hirafu. Those lights you see further are for night skiing.

IMG_1712It’s a pretty small area so it is hard to get lost. We passed by these food trucks. They were really nice and colorful. The prices though were not cheap but at least there were options.

IMG_1720 IMG_1723 IMG_1734We decided to eat at this local restaurant. There were so many Australians in Niseko. It’s a nice thing to see locals. Haha.

IMG_1713I don’t know the name of this place but it had a shop on the second floor and the first floor was a restaurant. The menu and prices were displayed outside and they were good. There was also a short line so we decided to go to this one. I ordered the pork curry over rice. I’ve been craving this since Nagoya but didn’t get a chance to eat it.

IMG_1716 IMG_1718After dinner, we decided to get some drinks and snacks across the road at the convenience store. I saw this large melon pocky! I guess the Hokkaido area is known for their yubari melon.