IMG_1664We finally arrived at Hokkaido and the snow welcomed us from our Jetstar plane. We arrived at around 1:10 PM. I am really amazed how cheap our tickets were. I got them on sale at roughly around 4,675 each or 1,800 pesos. That’s what made this leg of the trip possible. It’s cheaper than getting on a three hour bus. The flight was okay. It was not something you write about. The passenger behind us was so rowdy. It seems like it was her first time flying. That was the only inconvenience but it was a short one and a half hour flight.

IMG_1659After exiting, we went straight to information to ask about the buses going to Niseko. She pointed us towards a few booths that operate that route. You can actually ask around. The only problem would be availability. I actually researched beforehand and here are a few options. The buses have schedules and basically cost around the same price, maybe give or take a hundred yen.

IMG_1652There’s also the taxi door to door service but costs more.

IMG_1657You can also take the train visa Sapporo but with luggage, that is not fun plus there’s so many transfers. It costs roughly the same or maybe even more or maybe less if you take the public bus from Otaru to Niseko. For us though, we preferred the convenience of the bus.

So, from the booths, we asked around the schedules and prices. We wanted to take the 2pm bus but it was already full so we took the 3pm one. We were asked to meet 10 minutes before our departure time on the side of the restaurant. It costs 3,450 yen and takes about 3 hours. In the mean time, we decided to get some food. There weren’t a lot of options but I saw a Yoshinoya and a couple of other places and also convenient stores. I got a burger from Mos Burger.

IMG_1671Then we went back where a line was forming. The lady with a flag asked for everyone’s name. Then she asked us to follow her to the bus.

IMG_1676It was actually first come, first serve so we were glad we were in front of the line. The driver also asked where everyone is being dropped off so they can sort out the luggage situation.

IMG_1677The front seats were covered in brown cloth. It looks like they are reserved seats so we decided to sit on the next row. Leg room was ok and the drive was very comfortable.


You see snow everywhere in Hokkaido!