IMG_1630After checking in, we had some time so we decided to check out the airport because I read that it’s supposedly really nice. I asked the lady at Jetstar how long does it take to go through the domestic security and she said that it’s approximately 15 minutes. I’m glad that we did not go in yet since what’s inside the domestic terminal is mostly just seats and coffee kiosks.

We went up the second floor to check out the airport.

IMG_1631I love the design of this airport. It’s like an old Japanese village and the wooden floors are really nice.

IMG_1632There are a lot of food options here although the shops were limited. There was a Uniqlo on this floor. We bought a couple of thermals.

IMG_1633We were kinda hungry. Some of the stores were still closed but we saw this small chicken shop further in.

IMG_1638My cousin got various styles of chicken. They weigh them and tell you how much it is.

IMG_1636I ordered the chicken with rice and it was inexpensive and filling.

IMG_1635We walked around some more and this is how pretty the restrooms are..

IMG_1639 IMG_1640There were also souvenir stores selling different goods.

IMG_1641We finally decided to head in the domestic terminal. The security was pretty quick and efficient, hardly any lines. It was pretty bare in the morning. We were really luck to get our Jetstar tickets on sale. Our ticket going to Sapporo was only 1,900 pesos. Same fare for our Sapporo-Tokyo ticket. It’s a lot cheaper taking the bus or the train. We were really lucky.