IMG_1606We love Yoshinoya. It’s our fool proof, inexpensive go to place for food in Japan. It never fails us. Haha. For our dinner on our last night in Nagoya, not a lot of restaurants were open. So we decided to look up Yoshinoya.

It was located not on a main street. We owe it to offline maps for this otherwise we wouldn’t have found it. The place was almost empty except for two people when we went in.

IMG_1603I love ice water. I’m glad they have this and not the usual tea. The place was really clean and service was fast. It’s the kind of place you go to for a quick meal and leave.

IMG_1604So I got the 630 yen plate that comes with a lot of beef, rice, egg and pickles. Look at that beef! This had beef in shoyu sauce with noodles and vegetables. It was really good.