IMG_1587Nagoya is the largest city in the Chubu region of Japan. We made this our base for this leg of the trip because of its proximity to the airport and affordable accommodations. We had limited time here. We only spent about two nights and we were flying out in the morning so after our Takayama/Shirakawa-go day trip, the night was the only time we had to see the city.

IMG_1588We actually just walked from our hotel to see the Nagoya TV Tower and take pictures.

IMG_1586We just walked around the area. We saw a lot of stores but most of them were already closed. My cousin was here just a couple of months prior and she told us that there really wasn’t much to see in Nagoya. We did find a huge Don Quijote store.

IMG_1592We didn’t get to buy what we wanted since we were worried about luggage. We had a couple more destinations to go to. I noticed though that the best places to shop were in Nagoya and Sapporo since the products you like are most likely available unlike in Tokyo where everything is almost always sold out.

So that was our brief stay in Nagoya. :)