IMG_1370After walking around Takayama, we were really hungry. We went to the J Hoppers Takayama to pay for our Shirakawa-go tour. We asked the lady at the front desk if she could recommend a place for lunch. We wanted something filling and affordable and she gave us a map and pointed at Le Midi. We passed by a Le Midi restaurant on the way there and it looked upscale so we were kinda wary but decided to check it out anyway.

IMG_1381It turns out that this was a small ramen place with only counter seats. It can accommodate probably 15 people max. It was a vending machine resto so as usual, you pick out what you want on the menu and pay for it then give your ticket to the lady. They only had ramen. Most of their ramens come in regular and large bowls. The price range is from 600-1000 yen which is pretty good.

IMG_1371 They had water and chopsticks on the counter.

IMG_1373IMG_1374I ordered the Tsukumen ramen. It costs 780 yen for a regular bowl. This serving doesn’t seem like a lot but it was at least for me. It’s also the first time I had tomato sauce with ramen and it’s not bad.

IMG_1379My cousin ordered the Hida Miso Ramen for 850 yen. We also ordered a side order of Hida Beef. We didn’t know that they would put it all in her plate. Haha. The Hida beef melts in your mouth. I usually don’t like meat uncooked but this was pretty good. The Hida beef is 900 yen extra. We just divided the cost so we can taste this region’s specialty.

IMG_1378My other cousin ordered the Specialty ramen for 800 yen.

IMG_1377The ramen we had were really rich in flavor but it doesn’t have the umay factor so we really enjoyed them. I got a taste of each and the broth were really distinct. Hot soup is always good on a cold winter day. We really enjoyed this lunch at Takayama. :)