IMG_1297Takayama is such a beautiful place. I actually had no prior knowledge about this place except that it is our jumping point to Shirakwa-go. I’m glad that we had time to roam around this place. No need for transport here. From the train/bus station, we took a map from the tourist information center and walked our way towards the old part of the city.

IMG_1274There are several bridges in Takayama and this is the green one.

IMG_1298IMG_1299We made our way to the Old Private Houses or Sanmachi.

IMG_1302IMG_1303The old houses were turned into quaint little shops.

IMG_1319We also found this little shrine, not sure what it is for or what tie means. :)

IMG_1322We went into a shop that sold honey. The honey was mixed in warm water. It had other flavors too. We tried the citrus honey one and it was really good. I wish I bought a bottle.

IMG_1326My cousin tried their ice cream with honey. It was good. I love the packaging and design.

IMG_1327We also went into this sake store.

IMG_1336It had one of those traditional Japanese hearths and It was a working one too. Such a nice place to keep warm and also take pictures. :P

IMG_1337We passed by a film crew..

IMG_1340Takayama is so pretty. We’re now on the red bridge and I took a few pictures of the river and the traditional houses on both sides.

IMG_1358 IMG_1361