I don’t know the name of this place but it’s near our hotel. We walked around after check in to find a place to eat. It was really late and I’m glad they still let us in even if it was really close to their closing time.

There are plenty of options. There are no English translation so you just have to take a guess what that is. Haha. You just insert your money in the vending machine, choose the number that you like and it will give out your ticket and change.

The place was minimalist and comfy.

I ordered the tonkatsu set since I wanted some meat. It was alright. It’s not the best I’ve had but it’s hard to get bad food in Japan so it was still good. This was 537 yen.


My cousins both picked this out of the menu because it was cheap and it looked good. I almost go the same thing. This one only costs 362 yen. We found out that it’s basically just egg with onions over rice. They thought it would have some kind of meat but it was just eggs. They said it was still pretty good. They enjoyed it.