I chose Mystays Nagoya-Sakae for our accommodation on the Nagoya leg of our trip because of the price basically, it only costs us 8,490 yen or around 3,200 pesos for a triple room. That breaks it down to around 1, 065 per person for a night. It’s relatively close to the subway, about 5 minutes walk. There are a few restaurants around the area and also a lot of convenient stores. I wanted to stay near the Nagoya Station but I couldn’t find any available hotel near it at the time of booking at a good price.

They had a lovely lobby area and check in was quick since it was night time.

One bed for each of us.

We had a fridge and a lovely desk. Also a flat screen TV and some chairs and table across the bed. The hotel was really modern and updated. This is probably the best room we stayed in on this trip.

Our door and our wall cabinet with plenty of hangers. :)

Only the bathroom is a little outdated but it’s still okay. It’s clean. It had basic amenities like Shiseido soap, shampoo and conditioner. They also had sponge and toothbrush.

I really enjoyed our stay here. We were there for 2 nights. The area is really safe and the facilities are very good. I wouldn’t mind staying here again. I really did not have any expectations when I booked this hotel so we were actually all pleasantly surprised. My cousins thought that since it was inexpensive, it wouldn’t be as nice so we were happy. :)