I actually researched a few ways to get into the city from the airport by public transport. These are a few of those options:

TAXI: It would be the fastest and most expensive way. We obviously did not take this. It takes approximately 30 minutes to our hotel and would cost us 15000-17000 yen. We can’t afford that. :P

BUS: This was my first option. The Centrair Limousine bus would have been perfect if our flight came earlier. The last bus is at 10:15 PM and it takes roughly about an hour to get to the Sakae area. For a more detailed bus schedule, you can click here. It costs 1.000 yen, a bit cheaper than taking the train and more convenient if you have luggage.

TRAIN: I think we took the local train for 870 yen. There is another option that was 1000+ yen. This takes about an hour too, could be faster if you know where you’re going. From Nagoya airport, you have to stop at Kanayama (Aichi) and then take the subway from there which costs another 200 yen.

Nagoya is not a really big city like Tokyo so it’s not as overwhelming to take the public tranpsortation. We didn’t get a chance to explore the airport since it’s already night time but on our way to Sapporo, we did and it’s such an amazing airport. It’s not a bad idea to allot a bit of time to explore it. I will write another post on that. :)