66Ka Lui is an established restaurant in Puerto Princesa. It’s upscale. You need to make reservations which we did the day before but it’s still casual that you don’t have to dress up or anything. I love the look and atmosphere of the place more than the food. Haha.

67For your reference. :)

68This is their entry and you have to leave your footwear here in one of the boxes or baskets.

69It’s very bahay kubo chic. I love et!

70 71This was their menu and the prices weren’t that bad. We were there at around 6 when it opened for dinner but by 7 the place was filled.


I ordered the Ka Lui special of the day.


This was the grape seaweed with kalamansi..

73This was fish roll in cream sauce.


Some shrimps..

75The red rice

77And veggies


My cousin had the plated fish with tomatoes seaweed and eggplants.


I think this was octopus or squid sisig?

81For desserts.. fruits with brown sugar. I think this was complimentary.


Honestly, the food was not that memorable. It was good but not memorable but I would still dine here for the experience. I just love the look of the place. It’s what a local Filipino restaurant with tasteful decor should look like. It is a something you can be proud of to show your foreign friends or family.