25After the Crocodile farm, Mitra’s ranch was next on our itinerary. It is located on top of a hill so you would be able to to overlook Puerto Princesa and the sea. We stayed here for about 10-15 minutes. There was also a zip line thing if you like that kind of activity.


26Then off we go to Baker’s Hill which is just down the road from Mitra’s Ranch. Baker’s Hill is a private property open to the public. They have the bakery at the front of the property and also a restaurant. They have a lot of kitschy stuff on the premise which is good for pictures. They also have like a mini zoo, we saw a peacock towards the end.

31 28We bought a few things from the bakery like hopia and other things.

32Again, we didn’t stay too long and we went to Plaza Cuartel which is in the town proper. It is basically a park and they had preserved the bricks and bells and are on display on the grounds.

33Across from it was the town’s beautiful church. I like how open it is.

3738Then we asked our manong driver if he could take us to the market to get a few things before dropping us off the hotel. More on that on the next post. :)