Picture from booking.com

Picture from booking.com


I chose Greenspace Palawan for the location, value and clean design. I was looking for accommodations and I like that they are at the center of town, off a side street on the main street so it’s also relatively quiet but you can access stores and restaurants just by walking. The rooms were also modern. They have really good Tripadvisor reviews and I understand why. :)

2On arrival, we met up with our sundo which is free. He had this sign and our names on it so it was hard to miss. He was really nice so we decided to hire him for the city tour after we had settled at our hotel and lunch. If your hotel does not come with free pick up service, don’t fret since the airport is very close to the city. It takes about 15-20 minutes.

3We booked 2 rooms. The other room was very similar to this. I love the beds. They were firm and of good quality. We paid 1750 per night per room at the time of booking. We paid for the extra bed for 500 a night including breakfast. So our total for our 3 night stay was 12,000 or 800 per person per night including breakfast. They do accept credit card payments. I think it’s a pretty good deal.

4We’re a group of 5 so the kid slept on the extra bed. :P

5Our bathroom was simple but modern. The hotel looks like it is newly built, maybe less than 5 years old. I hope that they do maintain it.

6I love these soft curtains. They also have blackout ones. I also like the bamboo that surrounds the premises. It looks so serene.

Breakfast is served at the main dining hall next to the hotel. It is ala carte which includes the usual silogs. Juice and coffee are served with it. They also sell sodas or beer if you want that. We place our orders for breakfast the night before. They have a really good cook. On our first night, we decided to go to the market and buy crabs and prawn. Their cook was gracious enough to cook it for us. We just paid for the rest and a minimal fee for the service.

On our last night, we also had massage service at our room. They actually have a menu at front desk. You only have to let them know so they call the masseuse from a partner and tell them to come to the room. This was nice.

Overall, we had a really pleasant stay. We even talked to the owners over breakfast. They live on the ground floor and most of the rooms are on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Actually, their children own the place but they manage it. They are a retired couple. They were telling us that they purchased the land in the 60s or 70s and there weren’t a lot of establishments then. They bought it real cheap. Their kids decided to build a hotel on it. I’m glad they did. I think their kids have some experience with the hospitality business because it is a good place to stay.