74I stumbled upon a market at Old Town. I’m not sure if they only have this on weekends or I just missed it on the Friday I was there. I learned that the fridge magnets are way cheaper here than the stores. Too bad I already bought some. They sell a mixture of goods from souvenirs, bags to fruits and flowers.

75Lots of toys and puppets.

7677This stall sold unique clocks.

78There were a lot of fruit stalls. Those berries look really good.

79These stall sold leather bags. Those are animal leaders..

My mom wanted a crystal elephant but I found the prices ridiculous and I don’t think there’s a way I can prove they are authentic so I took this picture to show her the prices. I mean one small horse crystal figurine with crystal beads inside costs around 4780 kronos or 10,000 pesos. I mean crystals must be expensive but I don’t think I can buy something like that for souvenir. I don’t have that much. Haha. So, I bought her a glass figurine instead. To me, they look the same anyway. Haha.