67I still had some money considerable money left so I thought that on my last day in the city, I would splurge a bit. So I turned to the internet to give me some recommendations and came across Cafe Savoy. It is a little bit hard to find at first but I’m glad the directions I got were very good so I stumbled upon it without any problems. I took the metro and then the tram and walked to Cafe Savoy.

69The ambiance is old world and the servers spoke English and they were nice and courteous. I didn’t have a reservation but I was there at around 11ish so it wasn’t busy yet. I was promptly given a table.

71This is their bread station. I was given an ample serving of different kinds of bread. I ordered two things. Yes, I was hungry. Haha. At first, they gave me a lunch menu. I did check it but I thought it was too heavy so I asked for their breakfast menu. The first one I ordered was the omelette with spinach. It was good. I also ordered a lemon juice which was blah.


I also ordered a plate of french toast which was glorious. They served this after I finished my omelette.


The plate is so pretty. My pictures don’t do justice. I love how the bread is thick and it soaks the flavor in.

I also checked out their restroom downstairs which goes with the aesthetic of the building. I also saw the bakery and you can see it on a clear glass from the hallway on the basement. I guess this is where the magic happens. :)