66I took the tour with Sandeman’s. There are other companies that does this tour of course. I took their free tour the day before and was impressed so I decided to book the castle tour for the next day. It costs 12 euros. I paid through their website but you can also pay there. I actually think it’s better to just pay it there personally. We met up at the Jan Palach Square. We took a picture before we started the tour which can be found at their facebook page. There were around 22 people in our group. Our tour started at 2:30pm.  Our guide is an architect by day and he lived in the United States for a while. He does the tour every weekends or when he has free time.

From Jan Palach Square, we walked to the tram stop and took the tram up the hill. We started the tour at the gardens. You can also take your toilet break here.

46 45We walked along the area and he explained that there are various plants and flowers around the vicinity which are also labeled. We also passed by the presidential house but the president does not really stay there. This was place was meant for dignitaries to stay at when they visit but most don’t usually stay here for security purposes. It’s really pretty though.

49Our guide took us to this little amphitheater. He said this was one of his favorite places in the castle complex. It really does echo. If you stand in the middle and say something, it’s weird.

52Then we were lead to the front of the castle which reminded me a lot of the palace of Versailles. We were there on time so we did see the changing of the guards.

5354Personally, the highlight of the tour is the cathedral. It’s just magnificent especially the facade.

565557There is an obelisk in the square next to the church.

585960After the cathedral, we went around it and there’s a smaller church across it painted in red.

61Afterwards, we went to our final area which is the Golden Lane. It’s just a tiny street with small houses along the walls. It used to be homes for the garrison or guards of the palace which later turned into housing for artists. Now, it’s teeming with shops.

6263We were asked to meet some place but I couldn’t find my group there so I waited and even went out to check them. At this point, I’ve lost my group. Good thing we were at the end of the tour. Just a few meters down would actually be the exit. Visiting the Prague Castle is worth it just for these views of Prague.

6465As you exit and walk down the road. You would find restaurants on the left. With lovely views like this, I’m not surprised. I found the tram stop at the foot of the walkway and also some souvenir shops. There was also a metro close by. I decided to walk a bit and see Charles Bridge again before I return to my hotel and call it a day.