42For lunch that day, I decided on hotdogs or they may call them sausages. I was at the supermarket the day before and checked out the sausages section and the prices were really affordable. I should have brought home a few but I worried about my luggage weight.

43The lady manning the booth was really efficient. There were a number of choices but I decided on value meal number 9. The sausage bun is 65 kronos ala carte and 95 kronos with a drink. I saw the pepper on the side so I guessed it must be a little spicy.

44Really nice presentation. :) I like this sausage stand and the Happy Meal sign. The sausage was good but the baguette bothered me because it scraped the top part of my mouth, opposite my tongue.

I googled that part of the tongue and it’s called the hard palate.

Maybe it was too hard? or too firm? I’m used to really soft bread so maybe that’s why. Anyway, I enjoyed the meal sans the palate scraping baguette.