26Charles Bridge is probably the most famous bridge in the Czech Republic. It crosses the Vltava river. It was made in 1357 under King Charles IV. It was obviously named after him.

27The first thing you will see are these imposing towers.

33Right across is a square with a couple of churches.

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St John Nepumok who was thrown into the river from the Charles Bridge has a huge presence here. This cross is where he was exactly thrown out. They say that if you touch this and make a wish, your wish will come true a year and a day after you made it.

31Some meteres down is his statue. Touching the priest on the plaque on the right side means it will bring you good luck and it will ensure your return to Prague. Some people also touch the dog and the queen on the left which doesn’t really have a special meaning. I’m glad I read the info before coming here so I specifically looked for these two so I can make a wish and ensure my return to Prague. :)

30Lovely views from the bridge. This is the view on the right side.

32The views on the left side. There were a lot of peddlers and people selling goods. I didn’t really bother. It was crowded and I was wary of pickpockets.