15I honestly didn’t have detailed ideas about my trip to Prague. I just roughly thought of an itinerary on the top of my head and just went with it. I thought it was a good idea to see the Old Town on my first day. Before going on this trip, I signed up for a free walking tour through Sandeman’s website: http://www.newpraguetours.com/ You don’t really need to sign up, you can also just show up but I would rather be safe. :P

16The meeting place was in front of the Tourism office near the clock. The guys had red umbrellas. We were a big group so they divided us in 2 groups. This was our guide – Declan. He’s originally from Ireland but he moved to Prague. He was really good. He shared plenty of information and was really theatrical.

17I learned that this is a his and hers tower. The one on the right is larger. Apparently, this is typical. :)

18And that this is the most haunted place in Old Town or maybe Prague because they used to do executions here. Under this intricate tower. They even have Haunted tours at night in Prague.

19The theater is really nice and it looks like they are going through renovation and sprucing it up.

20This is a huge bank. I just remember our guide telling us that Vin Diesle made a movie here.

Halfway through the tour, we went to a bar. You don’t have to order anything and I didn’t but some people did. You can take bathroom breaks. We were there for around 30 minutes before proceeding with the tour.

21Art on the streets of Prague. This one was interesting.

22The nightmare of Franz Kafka immortalized.

23We also went through the Jewish Quarters. According to our guide, this is probably the most well preserved Jewish settlement in the world. You might be wondering why Hitler didn’t destroy it. It’s because he wanted this to be a living museum for an “extinct race”. *shudders*

24Today, it’s probably one of the more expensive areas in Prague. You will see a lot of designer stores here. The buildings are just beautiful.

25We ended our tour here which is also the meeting place for the Castle tour which I did the following day which is not free. The guides do this free tours and they appreciate it if you would give tips. :)