1I took the early morning flight to Prague. Their airport is nice and pretty straight forward. As soon as I exited, I looked for an ATM machine since I couldn’t see any money exchange places that were open.

1bI got 3000 Czech Koruna or approximately 6000 pesos. This will be my budget for my stay excluding accommodation since I will pay for that with my credit card. I had some money of course just in case of emergency which I will just have to change if I needed it but I wanted to set a budget for myself so I don’t overspend.

1aNext thing I did was buy myself a 3 day unlimited transport ticket for 310 Korunas or 600 pesos. Not bad eh?

3bI went to rome2rio.com before and saved the info on my phone so I would know how to get to my hotel. It even gives you the price breakdown. I use this a lot to sort out transportation on places I wanted to go. This is the actual route.

3cThere were actually 2 options for public transport that the website gave me. The other one having the bus stop at Florenc Bus Station. When I went to the bus depot, the bus 100 was the first one to arrive so I just took it. You would have to stamp your ticket at the validation machine which are available at buses and also at subway stations. You don’t have to do this every time. I only did mine once since it’s a 3 day pass. The Bus 100 last stop is at the Zlicin Metro. I guess not a lot of people do this so a couple of people would stare at me from time to time probably wondering why I just didn’t get a taxi. Taxi is approximately 1,200 pesos by the way for a 20 minute ride so yeah, I’d rather take public transport.


I took the metro from Zlicin to Krizikova. They only have 3 lines so it’s very convenient. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to change Metros on my first ride with luggage. :D

2bThe stations and metro are relatively safe and clean. I noticed that most of the stations are really underground. You’ll notice with the really long escalators.


Near my hotel is a tram stop, I also took this a lot but this can get really crowded especially on rush hours.

I really like the public transportation in Prague. It’s very accessible, safe and inexpensive. I’ve tried the bus and trams but mostly used the metro. I didn’t really try the taxi as I didn’t think it was necessary. :)