73There were a few restaurants near our hotel that seemed popular and we didn’t even have the chance to check it out. We haven’t eaten and we pass by this place on our way to our hotel. I saw the menu, it was cheap and I wanted to eat the braised pork over rice before I leave Taipei which they have so we decided to have our last meal here.

It’s a basic restaurant with really affordable food. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of the front. Once you go in, they lead you to a table. Then they give you the order form. We got a couple of braised pork over rice, a vegetable and egg.

72Our bill was at TWD 90 or PHP 135 pesos. We were like this is cheap. We should order more. Haha. We saw the other tables with this soup thing so we ordered the chicken and clam soup for an additional of TWD 50 or PHP 75 pesos.

74It was really good like chicken falling off the bone good. We had a great meal for only TWD 140 or TWD 70 each which is about 200 pesos or 100 pesos each. Hands down, our cheapest meal in Taipei and it was delicious. The ambiance was really good too. It was clean and the furniture was nice and sturdy with fast and efficient service.