65This temple is located on Ximending near the subway exit. It’s on the main street and we passed by it by chance too. It is a lovely temple with all the lanterns and candles. We went in to see it and get a glimpse. Most people say a quick prayer and leave.


66Such pretty lamps..

67 68This lady saying her prayers.

71I noticed that there were hardly any overweight people in Taipei and most of their clothes are sized for people with the frame of the lady pictured above so we never bought garments we can’t really try on since we’re a bit larger. :D Also, I noticed that their diet is really good with plenty of vegetables. Obviously, food is very important to them because of the abundance of night markets but they don’t have super sized food. Their food is a good small serving and you move on to the next. They also like to walk.

I like that there are sanctuaries like this for their spiritual well being even on busy sections of the city like Ximending. I wouldn’t mind living in Taipei. :)