49We decided to spend the rest of our time in Ximending. Funny that we are staying in the area. Our hotel is here but we haven’t explored it yet. It was around lunch time and we decided to grab a light lunch at KFC which we even shared. Then some shopping at Uniqlo before finally trying the famous Ay Chung Misua.


Once you see the crowd sitting on plastic chairs and happily slurping soup, you are in the right place. There was hardly any line when we went. We paid for our small cup. There are only 2 options, small or large. They only serve one product and it was delicious. Some people say it’s over rated but I really like it. I love misua in the first place but the seasoning and the generous amount of seafood in it was really nice. We shared a bowl since we just ate.

48 This picture of KFC I took was at night but we went around lunch time.


I’m a KFC kind of girl. So if there’s one fast food chain I try in every country I go to, it’s KFC. We ordered the 2 piece of roasted chicken which was different and it came with flavored rice. We didn’t have that here. We just ordered an extra drink. Their medium drink was this tall. Imagine the extra large one. Instead of a lid, they do the plastic thing that they do on milk teas which is pretty neat. We also ordered a couple of egg tarts. Why don’t we have egg tarts here?!?

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