39 I had no idea what Bopilao Cultural Street was and I’m glad my cousin was with me since she was the one who told me about it and it was near the area. From Longshan Temple, you can actually turn left and walk straight about 5 minutes and you will find it. We did the run around and took a bit to find it. :P

4143We just walked around the area and took a lot of pictures since it was empty! Except for one guard that was keeping watch of the place. It was so nice to take pictures here. The ambiance was of old brick buildings, it was industrial. I can imagine a nice wedding or prenup shoot here.

32 33There was this old school movie billboard too.

34We also took pictures of our feet and the manhole. :P I bought those Birkenstock slippers on my birthday as a gift to myself. I heard they were cheaper in Taiwan and of course unique with the 3 straps instead of the usual 2. I don’t think we have a stand alone Birkenstock store here in the Philippines. They still had the pepper bun juice stain from the night before which I’m glad can be removed with the power of corn starch. Thanks google! My cousin bought those pair of shoes in Jiufen. I actually bought one too so we have the same pair. Haha. Girls and shoes..

3536Saw a gallery but we didn’t really go inside.

37I think some of the buildings are used like offices because I saw two locals go inside.

38There were tourists that would come as well like 2-3 pairs the whole time we were there. Definitely not crowded. Also, a delivery guy.


I love the graphics on the red brick walls.

42Our shadows saying goodbye to Bopilao. Thank you for the amazing pictures! ^.^