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13I didn’t want to spend TWD 400 to go all the way up to Taipei 101 but we also wanted to see the views. Our solution: The Secret Starbucks at Taipei 101. Well, it’s not so secret but not a lot of people know about it. Even my friend who had lived there for 10 years.

Previously, you can just ring them up and someone will fetch you from the ground floor.

15b (1)But not anymore.. Apparently, you need a reservation one day in advance. We learned this of course on our first day – the hard way.

15b (2)So we asked the lady at our hotel if she can kindly get us reservations on our 3rd day. We came at the hotel really late and she can only call the next day so we made reservations for the next day. We were told we should be there from 9:30-11:00. From our understanding, we can go there any time between 9:30 to 11:00.

14So on our 3rd day, we go early in the morning at around 10am to the Taipei 101. We asked the lady at the reception and she told us she can’t do anything about it and we should call them. As tourists, we don’t have a phone. How the hell can we call them? She told us to go to the pay phone on a different floor. Second rude person we dealt with out of the 1000 nice people in Taiwan so she stands out. Our concern was that time is ticking and we might miss our window from 9:30am-11am.

So, we go to the other Starbucks on ground floor. We asked for their help to call the store on the 35th floor and they were really nice about it. She told us that they are coming to pick up the people at 11am. I mean, we went all the way here on our limited time. We were hoping we didn’t waste our effort and time. So, we took pictures outside in the mean time while waiting for 11am.

16So, the lady from Starbucks came down to fetch a group of us. We were asked each for name on our reservations and were given the number.

17Then she led us through the elevator to Starbucks which was nearly empty. Now, I understand that we were supposed to be there before 9:30am and we had til 11am at Starbucks. They fetch visitors by batches. I am glad they still honored our reservation.

21You are required to order a drink and a cake.

22Most of the patrons were workers who would have their drinks to go. We were the only ones who sat for a coffee/drink. That day, they had a promo for drinks that were buy one take one but the drinks need to be the same. The cakes were also buy one take one – maybe. Not too sure about this one. But our bill wasn’t too bad. It was less than one ticket to go all the way up to the viewing Deck.

19Enjoying our view, our drinks and the cakes. I got the lemon cake which is a tad bit too sour for my taste. My cousin got the tiramisu cake. We also got the strawberry banana smoothie which is a bit heavy. It can fill you up a bit.

20We used the restrooms on the same level before going down. My cousin lost her phone! I’m glad we didn’t exit yet so we went back up the elevators. We went back to starbucks to ask about the phone, they said they didn’t find anything. She went back to the stall of the bathroom and it was still there after a few ladies used the same stall. Thank you for honest Taiwanese people. We were really impressed and grateful that she found it where she left it and that no one took it. :)