2I wanted to go to Rahoe Street night market to try their pepper pork buns and also from blogs that I was reading, they always mention Rahoe night market as the night market to go to for really good food and I must agree.

1We were on the bus from Jiufen going to Taipei City Center and this Japanese tourist stopped here and I was wondering what place it was since there were so many people and then I see the sign. We ask the driver if we can stop here and he said that he’ll drop us off on the next light which wasn’t too far so we came upon this night market by accident. Lucky us!

3The first thing I bought was the guava for TWD 50 or 75 pesos.

4Then we saw a line! And it looked good so we bought one.

5It’s okonomiyaki..

6This was seriously good. I could probably finish 2 or 3 of these on an empty stomach. Too bad my stomach wasn’t empty. :(

7Then on the other end of the street which is actually the entrance to the night market. We went from the opposite direction. We saw the pepper bun. The line wasn’t too bad which is always a good thing.

8It looks like a well run family business. This is very popular, most people rave about it and they buy a lot of pieces.

910It’s a bun with pork and herb filling cooked in these ovens. We only bought one since we were already full.

11It was soooooo good. It was juicy and dripping with flavor. Our hands were soaked by the end from eating this bun but we didn’t care. It was piping hot too.